extJWNL (Extended Java WordNet Library) is a Java API for creating, reading and updating dictionaries in WordNet format. extJWNL is an upgraded version of JWNL. The library was improved and now features support for:

  • creating, editing and writing dictionaries
  • encodings, including UTF-8
  • Java generics
  • huge dictionaries
  • instance dictionaries and static singletone dictionary
  • Maven
  • ewn: command-line tool to browse, create and edit dictionaries in WordNet format
  • and more


extJWNL is an open source library written in Java and licensed under BSD license (see license.txt).


Download extJWNL binary release

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Maven dependency:



extJWNL is accompanied with JavaDocs, extJWNL Wiki, extJWNL forums where you can ask questions and Issues where you can submit bugs.


This refactoring was done by as a part of work on GeoWordNet in KnowDive group.